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Pavilions for rest
Function arbours
Customer private
Status built
Location recreational complex SELFISH CLUB

Holiday pavilions are made up of a VIP-class fishing base and are located on the shore of the Kaniv reservoir.

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Between them, gazebos vary in size and are designed for a different number of vacationers from 2 to 20 – 25. Arbours are projected from wooden framework, by an edged fal’cevoy roof.

Majority from them has the separately taken place for barbekyu or to the grill. Window frames are additionally equipped stavnyami, which protect from the lines of sunbeams, gustings and inclement weather.

In general stilistici of complex the developed covers for fishings, equipped seats.

On a lake there is an exclusive arbour – difficult engineering building which has submarine part with large panoramic glass. If from to bespatter a fishing-rod a pontoon, from below, under water it is possible to look after the process of catch.