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Houses on the water
Function: Houses of temporary residence
Customer: private
Status: Built
Area 116m2
Location: Recreational complex SELFISH CLUB
with. Kiiliv, Boryspil district, Kyiv region.

Planning of houses on water is appropriate in a water protection zone, where there is no possibility to build on the ground.
Recreational complex SELFISH CLUB is built on a bog area between Kaniv reservoir and a canal for launching boats on the territory.
The channel became an ideal place for placing houses for temporary accommodation of holidaymakers.

The locked house consists of 2 symmetrical parts, each of which can accommodate a family or a company of 4 people. On the ground floor there is a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom, a large tavbour hall with a storage place for fishing equipment, on the other – two bedrooms.

Near the canopy there is a place for a boat from which you can directly get to the house.
The shape of the house is fairly simple, well-groomed, with a folding roof and corresponds to the general stylist of the complex. In building vikoristani environmental building and finishing materials.