Home Architecture House on water with sauna
House on water with sauna
Function: Houses of temporary residence
Customer: private
Status: Built
Area 252m2
Location: Recreational complex SELFISH CLUB
with. Kiiliv, Boryspil district, Kyiv region.

Separately located house on the water, part of the recreational complex, has improved conditions for the location of a large company and an additional option – a bath.

The first floor consists of a vestibule – hall, a living room with a kitchen and a dining room, a wood sauna and a terrace with a jacuzzi towards the strait, the second one has two bedrooms with balconies and a bathroom.

Sliding partitions on the 1st floor terrace provides an opportunity to protect themselves from the sun and wind, as well as separate from other people’s eyes and create a cosines for outdoor recreation.
The design of the house is made of wooden frame. The folding roof is dark gray, which sometimes goes into the walls of the house, combined with a light wood.