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Cottage town
Function Cottage town
Customer Private
Status Project
Year 2021
Square 73 – 20 ha
Location Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region, Ukraine

A cottage small town near the Kyiv sea is conditionally up-diffused on public and dwelling functional zones.
In the residential area there are 4 types of houses of different sizes from 168 to 274 m2. The layout of the houses and the view from the windows of the rooms are focused on the area of the inner courtyard, which compensates for the small size of the plot.
The public area includes a hotel, a restaurant, a recreation area, swimming pools, a spa complex, beach.
There are also sections of blocked residential buildings for long-term rent.

The houses have two configurations: small – square, which are concentrated around a small winter garden, or L-shaped, closed from the outside and open to the inner courtyard of the plot, where the pool and relaxation areas are located.