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Hunting club “PRIVILLE”
Function: Hunting club
Customer: Private
Status: Project, partial realization
Area 1,20hа
Location: with. Bubnivska Slobidka, Cherkasy region.

The main purpose of the hunting club: seasonal hunting, fishing, as well as outdoor activities on the territory of the club and beyond. The base is for 20-30 people.

The site is located on the outskirts of the settlement Bubnivska Slobidka and borders on the forest and the Gulf of the Dnieper.
The project decision was made to complete the reconstruction of a one-story building for a hotel complex. The village school, in the style of the Ukrainian Baroque, was built in the early twentieth century. The facades of the building were as much as possible preserved, the roof is replaced with a mansard floor of a complex configuration with carved wooden elements of “hunting themes”.

In addition to the hotel, the hunting club includes: a staff house (new building in the style of the hotel), rest homes, a bath, a chapel (made of wooden beams), a tennis court and parking for visitors.
The main criterion – the combination of different stylistic buildings into a single architectural ensemble.
Maximum preservation of the existing landscape and greenery in the territory emphasizes its environmental friendliness.