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Office complex
Function: office
Customer: Viditrade LLC
Status: Project, reconstruction
Area 2011 m2
Location: st. Mikhailovskaya, 12-v, Kyiv

The office complex is designed within the framework of the reconstruction of an old non-residential building.
The design area is located in the central administrative and business zone of the city and is part of the historical and cultural reserve. In the zone of 5-10 minutes availability are the Independence Square, Sofievska Square and the main streets of the city. The office complex consists of VIP-class rooms with corresponding blocks of premises.
The complex has a unique appearance and is well-integrated into the environment.
On the roof of the building solar collectors are provided, as an alternative source of energy and sun-protection structures, providing a comfortable recreation area and a magnificent panorama of the city center. Placing mechanized parking solves the problems of transport and gives the building additional benefits.