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New life of Greenhouse

A greenhouse for exotic plants was designed and later built 5 years ago. It includes several functions: growing and storing fruit, excursions for club guests and tasting in a phyto cafe.
The design of such a greenhouse is a complex technological process in which a large number of specialized specialists participated. They created the necessary conditions for ensuring temperature, humidity, CO content in the air, air circulation and solar insolation management. And all this is managed with the help of automated climate control and monitoring systems.
In the process of operation, many objects change, new functions are added.
The greenhouse is located on the territory of a recreation center with various locations for leisure and relaxation. The cafe area was originally designed for small groups of people with zoning for 2-4 people, but proved much better as a separate closed location for holding solemn events, presentations, etc. In this regard, the question arose of increasing the number of places for visitors and adding a separate hall at the expense of the greenhouse wing.
It is necessary to mix a cafe and a greenhouse into a single space, and this is a new challenge.
Developing this idea, initial sketches were created and agreed upon.
We came to the object to feel that future atmosphere.

These photos were taken in the fall of 2022, before the changes. Some of the plants have already been removed for wintering in another place.