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Sports and recreation center
Function: Sports and recreation center
Customer: Banknote Paper Factory of the National Bank of Ukraine
Status: Project
Area 9,20hа
Location: Zhytomyr region

Sports and recreation center is designed for 60 people, is departmental and intended for active rest of workers of the NBU Banknote Paper Factory.
The base area is located near Vorsovka in the area called “Polyak Mountain” on the shore of the river Vizenja.
The main concept of the creation of the base – a combination of environmental building materials and finishing materials with innovative engineering life support systems.

The structure of the base includes: main building, cottages of different sizes, auxiliary building with maintenance, boat station.
The main building consists of 3 blocks where the restaurant, hotel rooms, conference hall, administration, etc. are located. Combined blocks with two-level winter gardens.
In the sports block of the building there is a spa area with a swimming pool and gym.
On the territory there are playgrounds for active recreation and sports, mini golf, hiking and cycling tracks.
All houses on the territory of the sports and recreation center framed structure with filling self-supporting walls blocks saman type “tirsaline”.