Home interior Shooting gallery
Shooting gallery
Function: shooting gallery
Customer: Private
Status: Implemented
Area 65 m2
Location: Recreational complex SELFISH CLUB

The interior of the laser arcade complex is designed in the style of the entire SELFISH CLUB complex, using ecologically clean natural materials and decoration elements.

Use in decoration of walls and ceilings of wooden rail constructions and veneer panels made of light wood, decoration of the partition between the fields by acoustic panels, the shape of the ceiling layout, give a comfortable reflection of the sound in the room.
In the interior, furniture and decorative elements of individual production are used according to their own sketches, in the corresponding color scheme of the complex, and perforation, which corresponds to the concept of the whole complex.
The room is divided into two zones: a game area with fields for players with professional equipment, and a seating area with soft sofas and tables. Thanks to this, the room complex of the arrow complex is comfortable for the rest of the whole family, both for the players and for their fans.