Home interior Design of interior of apartment
Design of interior of apartment
Function: residential building
Customer: private
Status: Under construction
Area 455m2
Location: s. Schastlivoye, Boryspil district, Kiev region

The interiors are made in modern classics and support the overall style of a residential house. The main task in the design of interiors was to saturate it with light and air due to the large glass stained glass windows, selected colors and visual combination of external and internal space.

Today, the classic style in the interior does not lose its relevance. Symmetry and clear line geometry, solemnity and comfort are inherent in the classic interior. At the same time, it is equipped with all the necessary attributes of the modern world for the comfortable living of people outside the city.
On the ground floor there are general purpose rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a dining room. They have a single color solution in bright pastel colors.
The second floor is occupied by private rooms, including children’s and teenage boys. Rooms combine elements of classic and modern design. Three primary light colors, a dark wooden floor and accented multi-colored drawings on the walls according to the age group of children and their preferences dominate. A functional solution for the preservation of the collection figures of a teenager – the creation of shelves and cabinets in the room with additional lighting. The interior design of the second room was designed for a child of the lower grades and therefore is brighter and lighter. When children’s rooms have their own wardrobe.
On the third floor there are special and thematic rooms (office, gym, etc.). Adjusting to the preferences of parents, they are designed in darker colors.