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SELFISH CLUB Recreation Complex
Function: Recreational complex for fishing
Customer: Private
Status Constructed, in the process of expansion
Area 10hа
Location: with. Kiiliv, Boryspil district, Kyiv region

The never-ending landscape and smooth surface of the water, the existing landscape give it the harmony that is needed for relaxation, happiness and inspiration. Perhaps the task itself inspired to use the philosophy of Scandinavian architecture for this, as a result of the simplicity of forms, proportions and correlation of buildings and constructions, the use of IVF materials, as well as attention to the smallest details.

Work on developing a recreational complex in the village. Kiilly started in 2014. from an area of 1.5 hectares, located between the Kaniv reservoir and the canal for the launch of boats and boats.
The main purpose of the complex: year-round fishing VIP category with accommodation, meals, storage of craft on the territory.

There are: gazebos for rest, a grill bar, a boat station, an administrative building, a bathhouse and guest houses on the pontoons, a pedestrian bridge over the canal, a lake with platforms for fishermen, a variety of small architectural forms.

In 2017 -2018 The complex has expanded with various leisure functions, for which the following were designed and built: children’s and universal sports grounds, tennis tables, mini-golf. According to the individually designed sketches, an ecological coating, equipment and play complexes for different age groups of children from a famous Swedish company were selected.

Directly on the shore of the Kanevsky reservoir, a beach area was developed with sun loungers and umbrellas, changing cabins and an open shower. The pool with clear water, which is located on the pontoon, was combined with the shore with the help of a terrace board.

The new entry into the territory of the base SELFISH CLUB was marked with letters 2.5m high with illumination, cut at an angle of 450. This makes it possible to see the name from the road and from the air.

For fishermen, a new lake appeared with resting places and an underwater gazebo.

In addition to a large guest parking, a platform for helicopters was designed and built.
In the 2018-2019 biennium, a greenhouse complex of exotic fruits, two complexes of baths on pontoons, and a “Marina” for sailing boats and yachts are being built.
The plot has increased to 10 hectares.
In the process of design: hotel, spa complex, restaurant.
Although buildings and structures are very diverse in function, common stylistic features, materials used, color, elements of street and landscape design combine them into a complete architectural ensemble.