Home Architecture Horeca Greenhouse SELFISH CLUB
Function: Greenhouse, cafe
Customer: Private
Status: Project, realized
Area 295 m2
Location: Recreational complex SELFISH CLUB
with. Kiiliv, Boryspil district, Kyiv region.

The idea to grow and consume its own exotic fruits throughout the year was reflected in another interesting object of the selfish club recreational complex – a greenhouse complex.

The plan is in the form of a letter P. In the central part there is a visitor area – a cafe and a room for the staff. The two wing greenhouses have different temperatures and are intended for growing citrus, pomegranate, figs, bananas, pineapples, etc.

The small café area has 28 seats and is divided into a quiet area: tables for 4 people with soft seats, and a large table for master classes, children’s parties, etc.
Furniture in the cafe, shelves for growing plants in greenhouse blocks are made by own sketches. Modern professional equipment makes it possible to use a wide range of menus, fruit cultivation and various master classes.
The object is made in the corporate style of the entire complex SELFISH CLUB. Ar-architectural form of the object reflects the simplicity and conciseness of the forms, the correctness of the proportions. The design technology used a large number of translucent glass constructions.
The interior corresponds to the style of the entire complex. The gray scale in the walls and ceiling prevails, the natural wood in the furniture of individual production, and the greening of walls moss according to the concept of the complex. The entire café room is filled with a lot of light thanks to the use of mirrors and optional lighting elements that visually increase the room.

The construction process of the greenhouse complex is nearing completion. The final chords in the finish and proceed to the placement of furniture and planting plants.