Function: Supermarket
Customer: Private
Status: Implemented
Area 700m2
Location: Vyshgorod, Kiev region.

The work on designing a supermarket began long before its construction.
The location of the object of this appointment in this place was not accidental: the building is located in the new residential area of Vyshhorod. First and foremost, the supermarket is aimed at young and modern consumers, visitors with children.

The facade and adjoining territory are designed for small parts: separated pedestrian and traffic flows, cars and bicycle tower, stairs and ramps.
A large canopy above the entrance, bright signboard and posters invite visitors to the inside.

In addition to the important planning, technology and engineering solutions that were successfully implemented in this facility, the main task was to develop and create their own brand of the store.
Interior design is subject to technological location of product groups.
Departing from the main idea put forward by the customer is a rational, understandable for visitors, functional zoning of trading rooms, we divided them into departments by color, using bright signboards, matching colored racks and infographic on the walls and printed on a ceramic tile.
The zones of destination are emphasized by black and white stencils on the walls, on the tile of the gastronomy zone, in the cafe, as well as in the wooden elements of decoration, in lighting devices.

All this has been generalized in the creation of the FRESH FOOD market. The main base color was dark anthracite. The façade has a bright yellow color, in the interior – open cheerful colors: yellow, orange, red, blue, green and light wood.
The interior of the commercial premises is constructed in contrast: dark open ceiling, details of lamps and light weight shelves, white and black wall colors with infographics, colored zoning details. And thanks to the ceiling with open communications, large facade panoramic windows, the transverse arrangement of fixtures over the racks, the whole room is filled with a lot of light, which visually increases the room.
The first floor is a daily grocery group, a basement floor – an industrial group, drinks, alcohol.
Close to the main entrance is a cozy cafe with confectionery, made in a general style with a supermarket.